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We cover the entire production process from pre-production to post-production.

PRODUCTIONSERVICES uses its international network of companies, suppliers and freelancers to provide professional full-service for the productions of

  • photographers
  • film production companies
  • advertising agencies
  • independent directors
  • film and video producers
  • foreign and domestic companies ...

PRODUCTIONSERVICES handles the organisation and coordination of the entire production process, from location scouting and casting, to hiring technical equipment, right up to managing the set. Its many years of experience in production are part of an extensive network of suppliers and specialised freelancers who can guarantee maximum flexibility and professionalism in their work.

Aided by an experienced production team, specialised freelancers and a wide-ranging network of professional suppliers, PRODUCTIONSERVICES guarantee creative event planning and organisation from the start to finish. A smooth process that makes your project a financially viable and artistically assured final product.